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The San Juan Multiple Sclerosis Center is responsible for the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. Our goal is to reduce the symptoms and disability progression of the condition and improve quality of life.

Since 1995, Dr. Angel Chinea started working with multiple sclerosis patients. He developed the first Multiple Sclerosis Center in Puerto Rico. San Juan MS Center provides multidisciplinary services to our patients. In conjunction with Dr. Alfredo Pérez Canabal, Dr. Nicolás Pérez Maldonado, Dr. José Torres, Mrs. Felicita Rojas and the MS Foundation, we performed the first Multiple Sclerosis prevalence study in P.R. In 2005, the results of this study were presented in The Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers.

Actually, San Juan MS Center is offering services to 1,300 patients with multiple sclerosis condition. We conduct basic research and clinical trials for the development of new drugs.

  1. We offer new therapies for Multiple Sclerosis.

  2. We provide an orientation program on how to help Multiple Sclerosis patients and their families.

  3. We provide education to patient’s family and general public.

  4. We have a network of specialists for referrals (anesthesiologists, neuro - ophthalmologists, physical therapists, ophthalmologists, urologists, psychiatries, neuro-radiologist).

  5. We provide training and education for neurologists from Puerto Rico and Latino America. We are a Training Center dedicated to the education of other professionals in the management of patients with Multiple Sclerosis and in the use of Botox® therapeutic.
Working together, we are committed to providing personalized quality care for the patient and his family.
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